Fall Foliage Float on the Great Miami Saturday, October 12 and Saturday, November 2.

All About the River


A float trip down the mostly pristine, undisturbed lower Great Miami River is like going back in time.  It's easy to imagine the river as the Shawnee Indians' major transportation route, and later used by the French fur traders.  In the 1700's, the river was the waterway to transport new settlers and supplies into territories north of the Ohio River.  As Dayton and other settlements developed, the Great Miami was populated with flat boats loaded with goods to trade south - as far as Louisville and on to New Orleans.


Wildlife Watching

In addition to the River's culturally and historically rich appeal, it is also rich in wildlife, fish and mature vegetation.  The bald eagle nests along this lower portion of the Great Miami, so you'll probably  spot a few eagles fishing on the river, along with the Great Blue Heron, hawks, geese, turtles, deer, beaver and otter...just to name a few species that call the river Home.


A Fishermans Dream!

The fishing is supreme too.  The Great Miami River is known as one of the top ten bass fisheries in Ohio.  Small mouth and stripers are abundant,  as well as catfish, blue gil, and many others. 

About Us


Family owned and operated, Gil Ruehl has been exploring and playing on the Great Miami for the last 45 years.  In awe of the river's beauty and wildlife, and opportunities for fun times! Gil and family are hoping to make the lower Great Miami accessible to others to enjoy and appreciate.